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Introducing the new generation of ARB portable fridges, the ARB Fridge Freezer range has been specifically designed and built for off road use.

Developed in Australia to suit unique Outback conditions, an ARB Fridge Freezer offers the convenience of having cold food and drinks no matter where your 4wheeling takes you. This product range is the result of more than three years of research and design, followed by extensive testing undertaken both in-house and in tough off road environments. Supported by a comprehensive 3 year warranty, every ARB Fridge Freezer features a practical design, optimised capacity and a high quality cooling system. The ARB Fridge Freezer is available in 35 litres, 47 litres, 60 litres and 78 litres, making it a perfect car fridge for any travelling adventure.

A car fridge, a portable fridge, a 4WD fridge... an ARB Fridge Freezer is the perfect addition for your next trip away.

External Features

With a cooling capacity down to minus 18°C and a low current draw, an ARB portable 4WD Fridge Freezer is ideal for short or extended camping and 4x4 trips.


Manufactured with robust steel walls, the outer casing incorporates recessed handles and a recessed control panel to protect them against possible damage, and many other features are integrated into the design to ensure each fridge in the range is off road capable.


  1. Durable Detent Hinge
  2. Front Latch
  3. Control Panel
  4. Recessed Handles
  5. Rubber Feet
  6. Durable Case
  7. Lid & Integrated Seal
  8. Rear Clips
Durable Detent Hinge

Stainless steel detent hinge ensures the lid can be easily released and securely slid back into place.

Front Latch

Simple to use, large over-centre cam lock latch provides a positive seal between the lid and cabinet for optimum cooling efficiency.

Control Panel

Easily accessible, recessed front control panel with maintenance-free digital temperature display (no dedicated battery required).

Recessed Handles

Powder coated, steel handles engineered to double as tie down points.

Rubber Feet

Integrated into fridge base for increased grip and stability.

Durable Case

Powder coated, robust zinc steel cabinet sides designed to withstand extreme off road conditions.

Lid and Integrated Seal

Tough, 2 piece injection moulded lid incorporates recessed seal, minimising wear and damage.

Rear Clips

Rear clips secure 12/24V and 100-240V cables, preventing plug from being accidentally disconnected.

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