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Deluxe Steel Roof Racks

Manufactured from strong, tubular steel, these roof racks, available for a variety of 4WD wagons, are designed for the toughest of conditions.





1  Quality aluminium

ARB's alloy racks utilise quality aluminium making them 40% lighter than ARB's steel roof racks



2  Mesh floor

An Amplimesh® alloy mesh floor comes standard on the Aluminium Series which is rated to carry up to 150kg.


3  Welding process

A combination of TIG and the acclaimed CMT (cold metal transfer) revolutionary welding process is used to ensure the optimum strength of each rack.


4  Top rail

Top rail sits well above rack floor to ensure a secure load.


5  Rail tubes

Top rail is constructed from tough, 25mm seamless tube, bottom rail utilises 35mm tube.


6  Consistency and even wall thickness

Rails are bent with a mandrel bender ensuring consistency and even wall thickness across all sections.


7  Powder coat

Millennium grey powder coat with zinc-rich primer that gives 1000 hours of salt spray resistance.


8  Air deflector plate

Air deflector plate significantly reduces wind noise.


9 Steel support channel

Full length, zinc annealed steel support channel with plastic protection strip to distribute load along the gutter and prevent vehicle damage.


10  Pressed steel feet and legs

Pressed steel feet and legs are height and width adjustable, allowing multi-vehicle installations.


11  Fitting hardware

Stainless steel fitting hardware.


12  Clamping system

Unique, super-strong clamping system that’s easy to install and remove.


13  Variable height fitting kits

Variable height fitting kits allow even greater flexibility for multi- vehicle applications.


Alloy Roof Rack Options

With the addition of an ARB roof rack to your vehicle, you can choose from a number of options to make this item even more versatile and suited to your carrying requirements
Product Options

Wind deflector

Roof rack wind deflector can be fitted to most ARB roof racks to further reduce wind noise

Roof rack bags

To help keep gear protected from dust and moisture when travelling

Roof rack jerry can holder

Suitable for a wide variety of ARB roof racks, it is the easy solution for securing jerry cans on a rack

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